What is Mastery Certification System (MCS)?

It is a Process…

The cornerstone of the “Mastery Certification System” is the real estate process (that every buyer and seller goes through) which is broken down into 7 departments. Each of the 7 departments is fully structured with specific skills, strategies and techniques and covers every aspect of an agent’s business from the time they meet a potential client all the way through until the transaction is complete.  However, each strategy in the process goes one step further by educating and empowering the actual buyers and sellers so they have a competitive edge (every time) over other buyers and sellers whether it’s a buyer’s or seller’s market.  It is a system for increasing and seamlessly managing real estate transactions no matter where each client is in the process so that nothing falls through the cracks benefiting both the agent and their clients. Agents utilizing the system can predict their income and duplicate their efforts with each client therefore making them more efficient and productive on a daily basis.

Combined with Proven Techniques…

In addition, the 7 department process of the MCS includes many proprietary and advanced techniques and “new school” approaches that can be utilized by agents at various points throughout the process to provide solutions that sometimes require “out of the box” thinking instrumental to overcoming challenges where other agents lack in know-how.  For example, there are techniques and strategies for establishing and managing client target dates, a “rarely” known but powerful and compelling approach to negotiating offers, a process to “crystallize” the actual needs and wants of buyers and even techniques that are pivotal in minimizing or preventing appraisal challenges.  These proven techniques “turbo-charge” the process further improving agent results and their client’s experience.

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And Practical Best Practices and Tools…

Sometimes knowing exactly what to do (or not do) in a specific situation or transaction can make all the difference between a successful transaction and cancelled transaction.  That is why the MCS uses best practices and tools that we have learned and developed through years of experience to streamline the process and handle challenges or objections that can occur at any step along the way through the 7 departments. It is like having your own coach by your side guiding you through the process and helping you avoid pitfalls and barriers.

That Creates Amazing Results and Big Incomes for Agents and a Great Experience for their Clients.

At the end of the day it’s all about results and the MCS is a very results-oriented system.  However, unlike other real estate systems and programs, the MCS is not just about “closing the deal” at all costs for the agent’s gain.  Rather, at the heart of MCS is the client’s experience and outcome.  At Next Level Real Estate Academy we built this system to create a “win-win” for both the agent and the client. The strategies in our system are structured to benefit the client and are only known by agents we have trained. Clients cannot find these strategies and tools anywhere on the internet  which establishes even more value to agents.  At Next Level Real Estate Academy we have demonstrated over and over that if you take care of the client’s experience in a streamlined and effective manner that the agent will win big over and over.

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